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 About Ahalia Group

For every desert there lays a hidden fortune…
And a land of desert, with the sheer leadership of its rulers…
Could become a land of fortune…
And it was Abu Dhabi……on the central western coast of Persian Gulf.
Today the city breaths development in every second of it…. And millions are its beneficiaries.
Ahalia Exchange was one among them.

A small time clinic with a huge vision. That was how Ahalia came into being in 1983. The mission was to provide healthcare services in consonance with international standards. Today, the Ahalia Group has grown beyond recognition in India and abroad with 4000 plus multinational work force who speaks an individual customer’s language with countless customer’s .Apart from the Ahalia Hospital, which is one of the renowned hospitals in the UAE, the Group has diversified into money exchange, trading, hospitality and food service.

Al-Ahalia money exchange bureau established in 1996 is one of the leading exchange houses in the Middle East, primarily focusing on money transfers and money exchange.

Beginning with a small branch in Mussafah Industrial Township, to become the most popular brand, Ahalia Exchange depicts an ongoing saga of success with rare matches found in foreign exchange, remittance market in the UAE.

Ahalia Exchange with sister concerns in India and UK, together with its allies in healthcare sector termed as the “Ahalia Group”, today is one of country’s most prestigious business groups. Ahalia Hospital and its peripheral centers, over the years have carved out a significant role in private sector healthcare services in the UAE. By expanding its wings to other geographical areas, Ahalia Group has positioned themselves as a multi-national business conglomerate. Ahalia Heritage and Healthcare campus in India is a unique concept in modern world healthcare services. The campus tries to bring in all the disciplines of modern medicine under a single roof.

The Indian division of Ahalia Exchange, Ahalia Money Exchange and Financial Services Pvt Ltd has 30 branches in India and carryout full-fledged money changing, inward/outward remittances, insurance, securities and dealing in other financial products. Ahalia Exchange’s extensive remittance channels makes it easy for its customers wherever the destination be, Indian sub-continent, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe or US. In short, it has a global reach, which is primary advantage

A small company with a huge vision, if that was Ahalia 25 years back, today the name stands for “vision turned reality”. And Ahalia Exchange being its flagship company continues its unending pursuit for excellence. And the journey continues. As the pursuit for perfection never ends for a successful organization.


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